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Patient Safety & Quality Improvement
Open Online Courses

The following list is a partial list of open online courses at George Mason University.  This list of courses focuses on the area of patient safety and quality improvement.  These courses cover topics such as continuous quality improvement, benchmarking clinicians, satisfaction surveys, process improvement, personal improvement, accreditation, probabilistic risk analysis of sentinel events such as wrong side surgery, and security and privacy analysis.  For details of each course, the syllabus of the course and the lectures within the course, click on related course material and examine "About the course" page.



HSCI 586: Process Improvement


HSCI 547 Regulatory Requirements for Healthcare Systems (in revisions)


HSCI 730:  Decision Analysis for Healthcare



HAP 735 Risk Analysis in Healthcare


In open courses, the syllabus and the content of all lectures are available on the web without password protection.  This content is provided free of charge, meaning that students can study by themselves using all available materials. Students who wish to receive College credit or formally register for these courses, should apply and be admitted to a Certificate or Degree program and select these courses as part of their work. For more details about our programs see website of the Department of Health Administration and Policy at George Mason University. Details about application process to our programs are available on the admissions office website.
Faculty at other institutions are encouraged to use portion of these courses (with a link back to the course) in preparing course material for their students.
If registered, each course counts towards 3 graduate level credits. The current online open courses can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Online courses focused on statistics & data analysis

  2. Online courses focused on informatics and electronic health records

  3. See the entire list of open online courses. 

For more information see website of Department of Health Administration and Policy.